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Mountain View Police - Arkansas; Founded in 1873, the city is called the "Folk Music Capital of the World" and is located in the Ozark Mountains.

Monroe Police patches - New York; The patch features a picture of the Smith-Knight Grist Mill. David Smith dammed the creek to start a mill in 1741.

Orange County Sheriff's Office - North Carolina patch; The Orange Co. Sheriff’s Office was established 1752. Orange County was named for the infant William V of Orange, whose mother Anne, daughter of King George II of Great Britain, was then regent of the Dutch Republic.

Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office - Louisiana SWAT patch; In French Creole the name "Plaquemines," was derived from the Atakapa word, piakimin, meaning the local fruit persimmon. The French used it to name a military post as the site was surrounded by persimmon trees.

Middlesex County Sheriff's Office - Massachusetts Honor Guard patch; Comprised of 16 members, the Honor Guard represents the MSO at funerals and other solemn events including memorial services and dedications. The Honor Guard also participates in parades, and presents the colors at sporting events, as well as public ceremonies inside and outside of Middlesex County.

The U.S. Sheriff's Museum Austria got their first official Austrian postage stamp ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. Das U.S. Sheriff's Museum Austria hat nun auch eine eigene Briefmarke ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.

Morrow County Sheriff's Office - Oregon challenge coin; The County is named after Jackson L. Morrow who was a member of the state legislature when the county was created in 1885. The building which is shown on the challenge coin is the Morrow County Courthouse in Heppner/OR (County seat).

Utah County Sheriff's Office - Utah; one of seven counties in the US to have the same name as its state.

New Albin Police - Iowa. New Albin is the farthest northeast town in Iowa next to the Minnesota border. The Baseball field you see on the patches is the "Shooky Fink Field". It's named after the Baseball wizard Harris "Shooky" Fink who spent a lifetime coaching the boys and men teams including Babe Ruth.

Zumbrota Police - Minnesota; The Zumbrota Covered Bridge is the last remaining historic covered bridge in Minnesota.

Arkansas "Protect and Serve" vehicle license plate. This plate isn't only available for law enforcement officers. This license plate is a LE support tag as well.

Conway Police Department - Arkansas; police uniform - rank: Lieutenant. The Conway Police Department - City of Colleges - has 127 sworn officers and 44 non-sworn personnel serving an estimated population of ca. 65,000 residents.

Kent County Sheriff's Office - Michigan pink patch; It's the first ever breast cancer awareness initiative of the Kent Co. SO. During the month of October (National Breast Cancer Awareness month), the officers have the option of replacing their traditional uniform patches with pink patches.

Cole County Sheriff's Office - Missouri Sheriff's vehicle license plate

Cole County Sheriff's Office - Missouri - SWAT uniform; The County is named after pioneer Captain Stephen Cole, an Indian fighter and pioneer settler, who built Cole's Fort in Boonville.

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