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Windsor County is Vermont's largest County in size at 927 square miles. In 1781 Briant Brown was the first elected Sheriff of Windsor County but resigned immediately after to become a Windsor County Clerk. Ebenezer Brewster was appointed to replace Briant Brown. His term was from 1781 to 1782. In the town Windsor, the "Birthplace of Vermont", the Constitution of Vermont was adopted in 1777.

Bradley Co. in AR and is named for Capt. Hugh Bradley, who fought in the war of 1812. The Felsenthal refuge in Bradley County contains over 200 native American archaeologial sites, primarily from the Caddo tribe that lived in the area. ---> Bradley Co. in AR ist nach Capt. Hugh Bradley benannt, der im Krieg von 1812 kämpfte. Das Felsenthal Naturschutz Reservat am südlichen Ende von Bradley County enthält über 200 archäologische Stätten amerikanischer Ureinwohner, hauptsächlich vom Caddo-Stamm.

Mahoning County in Ohio is named for a Lenape word meaning "at the licks" or "there is a lick", referring to the salt licks in the area. This patch was used pre 1960.

Sussex County Sheriff's patches - Delaware; the first appointed Sheriff was Hermanus Wiltbank. His term of office was 1669-1679. A Delaware Superior Court judge has ruled Sheriff’s in Delaware do not have the power to make arrests and cannot act as police officers. Per Title 10, Chapter 21 of the Delaware Code, the Sheriff is an officer of the court.

The Mercer Co. Sheriff’s Office Explorer program began in the late 1960’s. They accepts youth from 14 to 21 years of age. The Explorers are involved in numerous activities including parking cars, assisting with parades, the Mercer Co. Fair etc. The Explorer program is a year round program including ride-alongs with Deputies and assisting in our 911 dispatch center.

The Graham County Sheriff's Office in Arizona provides law enforcement service to unincorporated areas within Graham County. It also operates the county jail system and the 24/7 countywide 911 communications center. ----------> Das Graham County Sheriff's Office in Arizona ist für die Strafverfolgung in den ländlichen Gegenden des Bezirkes zuständig. Das Sheriffsamt betreibt auch das Gefängnis sowie den Notruf 911 innerhalb des Bezirks.

Lake County Deputy Sheriff - Corporal - badge Lake County, Illinois is located on the shores of Lake Michigan between Chicago and Wisconsin. This badge was worn till the early to mid 90’s. They did away with Corporals and Captains about that time.

Monadnock PR-24 side handle baton; PR stands for "protect and restrain"

The Emergency Response Unit (ERU) Team is a combination of peace officers from Brown, Redwood, Renville, and Lyon Counties. The ERU Team was established in 1992. The ERU Team has been used for high-risk search and arrest warrants, situations involving barricaded suspects, and other incidents where safety is a critical issue.

The Weber County Sheriff's Office had its beginnings in 1852 when the Weber County Court appointed R. W. Cummings as Sheriff. Pictured is the current patch of the Weber Co. Sheriff.

Gove County Sheriff’s Office was formed in 1887 and provides law enforcement for the entire county. Gove County was named for Granville Llewellyn Gove a member of the 11th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry. ---> Das Sheriffsamt wurde 1887 gegründet. Der Bezirk wurde nach Granville Llewellyn Gove benannt, Mitglied des 11th freiwilligen Regiments der Kansas Kavallerie.

The Wright Co. SO is the 3rd largest sheriff’s office in MN. They provide LE services to the unincorporated areas of the Co. and additionally contract police services with 13 cities. The Co. was est. in 1855, and was named after NY politician Silas Wright. ---> Das Wright Sheriffsamt ist das 3. größte in MN und ist zuständig für das Co. sowie 13 Städte. Der Bezirk wurde 1855 gegründet und wurde nach dem Politiker Silas Wright (1795–1847) benannt.

The Nye Co. Sheriff's Office - Mercury Div. is the primary LE entity on the Nevada Test Site and has authority to control ground traffic and make arrests. An Office is maintained at Mercury, NV and the Deputes are authorzied to enter most facilities on the site for LE purposes. Nye County was established during the American Civil War in 1864 and named after James W. Nye, the first governor of the Nevada Territory.

Shown on the patch is the Clay County Courthouse in Ashland, Alabama, which was finished in 1906. The County was named after Henry Clay an American attorney and statesman. / Auf dem patch ist das Gerichtsgebäude von Clay County in Ashland, Alabama, abgebildet, welches 1906 fertig gestellt wurde. Benannt wurde der Bezirk nach Henry Clay einem amerikanischen Anwalt und Staatsmann.

Talladega County, created in 1832, lies in the center of Alabama. The Talladega Superspeedway is the longest NASCAR oval, with a length of 2.66 miles and opened on September 13, 1969. / Talladega County wurde 1832 gegründet. Der Talladega Superspeedway ist die größte Rennstrecke im Rennkalender der NASCAR und wurde im Jahr 1969 eröffnet. Das Oval ist 2,66 Meilen (4,28 km) lang.

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