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commendation bars from the state Michigan

metal citation book holder incl. book of citations from the state Minnesota

Arizona Rangers display - The present-day Arizona Rangers are an unpaid, all-volunteer, LE support and assistance civilian auxiliary police in the state of AZ.

traffic template and instruction manual

Crawford County Sheriff's Department gold plate ring from 1975 (Texas)

John McCarthy rose to power in 1978 when he won the election for Sheriff against incumbent Ralph Lamb. McCarthy was the Sheriff in Clark County from 1979 to 1982, when he lost the race to the late John Moran at the end of his first term.

George Willman was an Austin, Montana, Deputy Sheriff, Poet and Buffalo Bill Cody "look-alike." A native of Indiana he came to Montana in 1900. He died in March 1956, in St. Paul, Minnesota, after a long illness. original Post card - postmarked Dec. 19th, 1947

straight batons, blackjack/billy club, sap/slapper, side handle baton, expandable baton etc. - from the 20th century and present

Tex Shoemaker loop loader from the 1970s

St. Lucie Co. SO display - The SLCSO was created in 1905. The first black deputy joined the SO in 1954, and the first female deputy was hired in 1975. Agency growth continued from 38 employees in 1967 to 700 in 2016.

Sept.16th, 2012: Max Young, a veteran LE officer for 38 years, has announced his candidacy for Faulkner County Sheriff (AR). One of his election signs is displayed in the U.S. Sheriff's Museum.

Faulkner Co. Sheriff's Office - Arkansas Inmate Jumpsuit

Pettis Co. Sheriffs Office - Missouri - Motorcycle Officer

Missouri license tag from the year 1922

Arkansas Sheriffs Association uniform shirt - The Arkansas Sheriffs' Association Honor Guard is an organization made up of deputies from all over AR who have volunteered their time to serve as stewards to LE functions throughout the State. These deputies bringing a formal sense of unity from LE officers to funerals of deceased officers, LE graduations and various other events.

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