Notable American Sheriffs

Notable American Sheriffs

David A. Clarke - Sheriff of Milwaukee Co., WI. Outspoken conservative African-American in an majority Liberal County. Famous for his advocacy on 2nd Amendemtn rights, rejection of soft-on-crome judicial policies, and a 2014 primary election in which Michael Bloomberg spent over $150,000 in an unsuccessful to defeat him.

Buford Pusser - McNairy Co., TN portrayed in Walking Tall and in a suite of songs on Drive-By-Truckers 2004 album, The Dirty South.

Theodoer Roosevelt - 26th President of the United States spent some of his early career as Deputy Sheriff in Medora, ND.

Seth Bullock - Entrepreneur and Sheriff in Deadwood, SD.

Daniel Boone - Fayette Kentucky

Eugene Coon - Allegheny Co. (Pittsburg), PA, (1969–1996) famous for halting foreclosure sales on laid off steel workers in the recession of the early 1980s.

Pat Garrett - Lincoln Co., NM, famous for killing Billy the Kind.

Bat Masterson - Ford Co., KS

Lamar Potts - Coweta Co., GA

Sherman Block - Los Angeles Co. SD, CA, (1982–2000), highest paid government administrator in the United States.

Dave Reichert - King Co., WA, tracked the Green River Killer; elected to Congress in 2004.

John Bunnell - Former sheriff of Multnomah Co., OR; most famous for presenting/hosting World's Wildest Police Videos, appearances on COPS, and other acting roles.

Grover Cleveland - Erie Co., NY,  the 22nd and 24th Persident of the USA.

Mike Carona - Orange Co. CA, (1999–2009), dubbed "America's Sheriff" by Larry King.

William J. Brady - Sheriff of Lincoln County during the Lincoln County Wars in New Mexico, United States. He was killed in an ambush by Billy the Kid.

Richard Mack - Former Sheriff of Graham Co. AZ. Mack received national attention for opposition to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act.

Steven Seagal - Famous actor and a long time, active Deputy Sheriff In Louisiana.

Joe Arpaio - Maricopa Co., AZ (1992–2016), famous for his stance on political issues, including immigration.

Gerald Hege - Davidson Co., NC, - famous for his "no-deals" behavior and highly unorthodox way of fighting crime. Convicted felon.

Lawrence Rainey - Neshoba Co., MS, 1963-1968, formerly accused but later cleared of charges relating to the violation of civil rights of three Civil Rights workers down Mississippi, back in 1964.

Lee Baca - Los Angeles Co. CA, is known to give special treatment for the famous and connected. He created the "Special reserves program" so that he could give concealed weapons permits to favored individuals while withholding consideration for everyone else on the legal pretext that no citizen has legal "good cause."

Terry Johnson - Alamance Co., NC, notable for a federal investigation of his Office's alleged targeting of Hispanics within the County.